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Wed, Oct 13


Online lecture at ZOOM

Breathing for Healthy Sleep and a Well Mind

The importance of integrating and understanding functional breathing for sleep disordered breathing, mental stress and stress-related illness in children and adults — and where to begin with | Patrick McKeown — BA, MA, FRSB, Dip BM, FBPI

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Breathing for Healthy Sleep and a Well Mind
Breathing for Healthy Sleep and a Well Mind

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Oct 13, 2021, 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM GMT+3

Online lecture at ZOOM

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Online Webinar on Breathing for Healthy Sleep and a Well Mind


Description of learning:

Dysfunctional breathing patterns affect 9.5% of the general population, increasing to 30% in the asthma population and 75% in people with anxiety. Sleep disorders are endemic. Moreover, mental wellbeing has recently been taxed to its fullest due to many months of lockdowns and social isolation, and stress is the biggest risk factor across the gamut of human diseases. In pediatric medicine, according to the cohort study, “Children of the 90s,” a child who has untreated snoring at the age of 8 years is 40% more likely to develop special educational needs.

In all these instances, study of the literature clearly reveals a single connecting factor. The breath. It’s time to put the evidence into practice and approach the growing sleep and mental health crises with breathing in mind.


  • Learn the connection between breathing patterns and the four phenotypes of sleep apnea.
  • Discover research into the connection between sleep disorders and comorbidities including depression.
  • Learn why sleep apnea increases in women after menopause, and how you can avoid symptoms that damage general health.
  • Understand how the breath can be used to alter mental states by regulating the autonomic nervous system and balancing the body’s biochemistry.
  • Learn how to ensure nose breathing during sleep and why it’s so important.
  • Explore the connection between childhood mouth breathing and physical, mental and behavioral symptoms.
  • Experience powerful, scientific breathing exercises that alter the balance of blood gases, activate the vagus nerve, normalize breathing volume and improve oxygen uptake in the brain.


Patrick McKeown — BA, MA, FRSB, Dip BM, FBPI

Patrick McKeown is an internationally renowned breathing coach, author and speaker. He is creator, CEO and Director of Education and Training at Oxygen Advantage®, his own research-backed breathing program, and founder of Buteyko Clinic International.

Patrick’s contribution to the field of breathing has been recognized by fellowship of the Royal Society of Biology. He has contributed research to scientific publications, including a detailed review of breathing and the phenotypes of obstructive sleep apnea for the Journal of Clinical Medicine.

Accredited in 2002 by the founder of the Buteyko Method, Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, and now with almost 20 years’ experience teaching functional breathing patterns for sleep, respiratory disorders, anxiety and other chronic conditions, Patrick has trained hundreds of breathing instructors and worked with clients from Olympic athletes and elite military to small children. He has patented products including MyoTape, a safe mouth tape for use by adults and children during sleep.

Books include The Breathing Cure (2021), an exploration of the breath-health connection, Atomic Focus (2021), which examines the link between mental states including stress, concentration and attention span and the breath, and his previous bestsellers, The Oxygen Advantage (2015), Asthma Free, Naturally (2003) and Close Your Mouth (2004).


Host: Liron Meltzer - MA, Speech Language Pathologist

A Speech Language Pathologist with a bachelor's and master's degree in communication disorders with 16 years of experience.


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